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South Korean Adventure Tour 2023

With great excitement, we have set the dates and many of the activities for the 2023 trip to Korea.  The very first adventure started in 1986, and has since taken close to 300 people to Asia, with this being the 21st trip for us to Asia.  While we started with just people from our small community, it quickly lead to across the province, then across Canada, and we hope on this trip to include friends from many countries!

As the world of travel has changed, we tried a new technique on our Thailand trip earlier this year.  When we travel to Korea, we ask everyone to book their own flights.  Some people may choose to use points, some may watch for discounts, others may choose a longer flight for a discount, and some might just want the most direct flight.  We ask that everyone coming arrives by the evening of July 24.  For most coming from the western side of North America, it will mean you will leave early on July 23rd.  Our tour will kick off July 25 in the am, late arrivals will be looked after and can easily join in.  Our tour will conclude on August 5th, and we assume most travelers will head home that day.  Currently, flight costs are $1550 from Edmonton, but will vary depending on your starting point.

Some of the adventures planned for the group will include:

-shopping in Itaewon

-visit to the Kukkiwon, the home of Taekwondo, which also has incredible TKD shopping in the area

-daily training at Yonsei University, and extra training available for elite fighters

-an opportunity to watch other youth fighting teams

-visit to Lotte World (Korean version of Disney Land)

-tours of many downtown historical sites in Seoul

-visit to MUJU Park, home of the world taekwondo museum and training park

-visit to the Demilitarized Zone (between North and South Korea

-relaxation time on a beautiful beach

This trip is open to all ages and belt levels, and of course family members that wish to only see the sites and support their family members that are training.  South Korea is extremely safe, easy to travel around, and the hotels are good quality locations.

The price for the tour portion of the trip will depend on the final numbers.  We expect it would be similar to our Thailand trip, which was $1600 for two weeks.  For some families with three people in a room, or with members not training, the price was even less. You will also require spending money for shopping and meals (breakfasts will be included).


Here is how the tour portion will be paid for:

$100 fully refundable deposit paid by Feb. 28/23 (this will allow us to know the size of group and determine exact costs

$500 fully refundable deposit paid by April 15th

Up until June 23rd, the $600 will be refundable in the event Covid changes our travel plans, or for some reason you are not able to come.  At thirty days from departure, the final remainder is to be paid, at which time the trip deposits are no longer refundable, as we pay the tour operators and hotels in advance.


We assume you may have many questions, and are easy to reach at  Or call Master Rennie at 780-778-0202

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